Interior Glazing

Interior glazing allows natural light to flood throughout a space. It creates a brighter, warmer, more welcoming environment. And it’s becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings.
Nashville - Libscomb College 001

In order to ensure safety, the glass used for interior glazing is frequently tempered or laminated. Glazing greatly improves the aesthetics of doors, stairs, partitions, balconies and more. A building with interior glazing gives off a clean, contemporary look.

Glass Tabletops

Tables, shelves, end pieces and more look and feel great in glass. Our designs and fabrications are second to none.


From big applications to small, our mirror fabrications and installations are custom-made and sure to please. Your reflection will always look great in our mirrors!

Decorative Glass & Acrylics

For that highly-specialized look, decorative glass & acrylics can project almost any kind of image or feel. Our products are versatile. AGM can adapt to any aesthetic you want your building to embrace.