Sun Control

AGM sun control systems are designed and installed to master sunlight – keep it out, bend it inside in pleasing ways and even utilize that energy to make your building as green as possible.

Expert Team

Our expert team can help you select and customize the sun control solution that best suits your application. We have sun shades, light shelves, you name it. AGM will make sure your buildings shine.

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Sun Shades

Our sun shade systems are designed to improve comfort and lower energy consumption by decreasing solar heat gain. They can be applied to both curtain wall and storefront facades to maintain a consistent appearance across the building envelope.

Light Shelves

These interior shelves are designed to reflect sunlight deep into a building interior to maximize illumination by natural light. They are available with variable angles and depth, and are compatible with curtain walls and storefront framing. Light shelves have options for translucent polycarbonate or opaque aluminum composite (ACM), and allow for potential Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

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Building owners have recognized the growing importance of green buildings that conserve energy without compromising aesthetics. One potential option is Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) sun shades that generate solar power while providing optimal shade.

This is a pre-engineered system that reduces solar heat gain while reducing energy consumption and building operating cost. It includes a pivot system for optimal angle and shade extension, and maximizes the generation of electricity from the sun – up to 75 watts per day.