Earn And Learn

Get On-the-Job Training. Get a Degree – Free. Get Paid.

Looking to go into the glazing industry? Don’t want to wait through four years of expensive college before you can start earning a paycheck? Then Architectural Glass & Metal Company’s apprentice Earn & Learn training program is right for you!

Glazing refers to the glass and metal “skin” of a building that gives it a distinct look and keeps the heat and cold out. It’s a growing and stable industry, and less affected by the ups and downs of regular construction jobs.

AGM’s training program is a unique way to learn a skilled trade and earn an Associate’s Degree from Vincennes University. We pay for your college education as you learn on the job, all while making a solid salary.


To learn more or to apply, just complete the information needed below and we’ll be in touch with you. Your dream career is waiting for you!

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